LXXXI Festival of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
Concert Maggio contemporaneo


A long list of new devices of extra-musical origin and of new techniques for “augmented” instruments has consistently been coming into sight among the music production methods of the past years, and an increasing amount of young composers seems to be adopting them in a completely natural way, integrating them with composition as well as with the contribution of improvisational elements. The devices and techniques of Tempo Reale, which have already been tested in the Symphony Device project, join up with the compositional project and dramaturgical development of one of the most interesting young composers of the European scene: Alexander Chernyshkov, dealing with a score that integrates the devices and instruments of everyday life (elevator relays, dot matrix printers, obsolete floppy discs, etc.) with the contributions of two non-conventional multi-instrumentalists. All this in a framework of the use of space which once again attempts to overcome the traditional idea of a concert, in favour of works being enjoyed in an immersive manner and in a condition of closeness, which is becoming increasingly instrumental in the electronic music experiences which stand out the most.

Tempo Reale Festival 2018

A production by La Biennale di Venezia, Tempo Reale


Alexander Chernyshkov
Il rosso risvegliato (e compresso), for two performers, extended wind instruments and devices (2017-18)


Flute, wind instruments, vocals
Alessandro Baticci

Saxophone, wind instruments, vocals
Dario Fariello

Device design and control
Francesco Canavese, Francesco Casciaro,
Alexander Chernyshkov and Francesco Pellegrino

Sound projection
Francesco Canavese
Alexander Chernyshkov is a composer, performer and improviser. Born in Omsk, Russia. When 12 years old moves to Verona, Italy. Guitar player in different Rock bands and Jazz groups. Studies at Verona State Conservatory classical guitar and composition and theory. In 2008 moves to Vienna to study composition at the “Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst” with Chaya Czernowin and electro-acoustical composition with Karlheinz Essl. In 2014 he graduates and continues his studies with Clemens Gadenstätter at the “Kunstuniversität Graz”. Partecipates at “Darmstadt Ferienkursen für neue Musik” 2008 and 2010, where he attends lessons with Brian Ferneyhough, Marco Stroppa, Klaus Lang, Georges Apperghis and Wolfgang Rihm and where the pieces Sakhar for wind instruments and Almatiki daechta for voice solo are performed. He is also selected for the prestigious academies “Tzlil Meudcan” (Tel-Aviv) and “Tchajkovsky summer academy”, where he studies with such composers as Pierluigi Billone, Franck Bedrossian, Chaya Czernowin and Steven Kazuo-Takasugi. His music is regularly performed throughout Europe, North America and Russia and is broadcasted by the Austrian and Russian radios (Ö1, TOPOT). His work was commissioned and programmed in festivals such as Wien Modern 2008 (Vienna), Donaueschingen Musiktage 2010 (Off-Programm), Platforma (Moscow), NEW_Air (Vienna), Tzlil Meudcan (Tel-Aviv), Izlog Festival (Zagreb), Lost in translation (Moscow), Unsafe sounds (Vienna), Pythian Games (St.Petersburg), Shorts (Kiev), Monday Concerts at musikFabrik (Köln). He worked with such ensembles as musikFabrik, Nikel, PHACE, MCME (Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble), f0, Platypus, ProArte, Nostri Temporis and musicians like Natalia Pschenitschnikowa, Vincent Daoud, Carl Rosman, Marina Poleukhina, Sara Perez. In 2014 the score of his voice solo composition “Almatiki daechta” was a showpiece at the graphical and poetry exhibitions “Graphic of Sound” (St.Petersburg) and “Schrift” (Tiflis, Georgia). He received the "STARTStupendium“ from the Austrian Ministry of Arts, Culture and Education (BMUKK) as an emerging young talent as well as the „Composition grant“ to complete a new piece. First price at the competition „to the left“ (St. Petersburg 2010). First Prize at the NEW_Air Vienna 2011 competition. Since 2011 he is very active as improviser. Collaborates with musicians like Dario Fariello, Alexei Borisov, Marina Poleukhina, Alexey Sysoev, Hannes Dufek, Vladimir Gorlinskij. Founds the experimental duo O I O together with the composer Marina Poleukhina. Records the albums “Puinen Neon Itku” and "Songs about trees". He is a frequent guest at numerous free improvisation festivals and locations such as Multiversal (Berlin – Copenhagen), Velak (Vienna), Turn the Corner! in Porgy and Bess (Vienna), Path (Verona), Eternal November (Moscow), Sound and the Fury (Moscow), Echoraum (Vienna). He frequently works and composes for the theater. “Sacrifice” – G a r a g e X (Vienna 2012) builds a sound sculpture, to make the music come out of the surfaces of the decorations. Other works include “Medea” – S. Pölten State Theatre (S. Pölten 2013), “Rashomon” – Meyerhold Theatre (Moscow 2014-15). The live sound installation “drafo” was built and performed in “Platforma Festiva at Vinzavod” (Moscow 2012) and “Essl Museum” (Vienna 2013). His experiments and music is included in the documentary film about russian contemporary music scene "Little heroes". He experiments actively in building unique new instruments of strictly acoustical and mechanical origin using long tubes to transform the wind instruments or using motors, relays and electromagnets as vibrating sources. Works and lives in Vienna.

A production by La Biennale di Venezia, Tempo Reale

Fri 18 May, ore 20:00

One seating area € 10

Sala Orchestra
Teatro del Maggio

Piazzale Vittorio Gui, 1
50144 Firenze

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