Florence after Nightfall

Florence after Nightfall is my new project developed exclusively for Opera di Firenze. The city of Florence shows its beauty and gracefulness especially during the dark hours of the night, when all tourists are gone and the path of time has no value anymore. So we can listen carefully with eyes and ears to the impressive stories this city is able to tell.
Barbara Luisi

Choosing mostly nighttime views, Barbara Luisi has decided to plunge into a dream world and to give us the significant moments of her stand, seemingly quiet but certainly with our open eyes, in that area of ​​transition between waking and dreaming, when a landscape becomes a place of the mind and body in which to live deep in contemplation. When it surrounds us it penetrates us.
Her color tables blends and confuses us. We see in the dark parts of the sky, of art, of land. And if we recognize familiar elements, we see them transformed and interpreted in a surprising way.
Those are images that force us to stop, almost imposing in front of our eyes with an ancient and unexpected force. They force us to stop and observe. To observe silence.
Barbara Luisi is a musician and has made musicality the keystone of his experience in the world. There is a score; it is up to the musician how to play it, make it alive, re-enacting the score and reading it in a new, independent, original way. Something that before was silent but now becomes vivid proof of existence, an exchange and participation of all that embodies the score, including emotions and the feeling of living.
By the same token, the world exists and it is up to the photographer to offer a of new, original, profound interpretation of it. An interpretation that is able to express that feeling of closeness and distance together, the happy vertigo of losing its identity, that can only be the prelude to a different and more conscious identity, now more complete.
Alessandra Mauro


Opera di Firenze Piazzale Vittorio Gui, 1 50144 Firenze Dettagli e mappa The exibition spaces are open from two hours before the shows.