Barbara Luisi

My work is concerned exclusively with the perception of these three elements: darkness, sound, and loneliness.

As a trained classical violinist, I have to first hear my images and it is always this noise or music that triggers my themes.

Whether it is the ocean illuminated only scarcely by moonlight, setting free all kinds of feelings like fear, hope, or loneliness, underlined by the smooth or often brutal, loud voice of the waves, the wind or the air. (Dreamland)

Or the unsaid words and whispers of my four subjects, the way they move through the smooth darkness of my studio, each expressing their own feelings of being enclosed in themselves. (Fragility)

In my new project (Tokyo Diary), it is the noisy, overwhelmingly crowded city from which each of my subjects tries to take distance. Being part of both the traditional and the modern Japan, they show their ways to escape from the voice and light of what surrounds them. I watch as they search and retreat into their own loneliness.

My former work Pearls, Tears of the Sea was shot deep in the darkness and quietness of the Mediterranean Sea, 30 to 40 meters below the surface. My subjects were pearls who had found their way back to their origin. Meanwhile, Glowing Night dealt with the darkness of cities and the noise of light bulbs, which became the loud subjects of these nighttime images.