Historical Archive Foto Locchi

The Locchi style


Foto Locchi was born in Florence in 1924 as a study of art and photography. As in the tradition of the typical workshop, young people learned the craft through the example and teaching of the elders, who were entrusted with the task of passing on the Locchistyle: a simple, clean, style characterized by the need to seize the moment typical of photojournalism.

The old masters were trying to instill in the trainees the knowledge that through its objective the artist does not merely document reality but is, reinterpreting them with creative effort. The lesson that has always been taught by Locchi is that the professional photographer must not only be a good coach, but must be able to develop their own artistic sensibility capable of making every shot a photographic work.

It is with sincere enthusiasm that we welcomed the interest of the Fondazione Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino di Firenze Opera adarredare spaces through photographic images. The photograph was perceived choice and not only as a decorative element but as a language: immediate and evocative narrative tool that can provide new keys of interpretation of reality.

In particular, we are proud to have been selected images from our database, thus enabling us to help celebrate, even in the eyes of the international public that the theater will go to sleep, the glorious history of this Florentine excellence that is so for the very identity of our city.

It is precisely because of this moral heritage that it could be an iconographic heritage that still preserves the historical memory of the city: a database of more than 5 million shots able not only to document the history of Florence, but to bring to life emotions and situations in a series of precious moments and memories.