Terms & Conditions

Thanks to our supporters and partners, we have put together a wide bunch of Rewards, to which the following terms and conditions shall apply.

The regulations above have the purpose to properly meet our backer expectations, given the particular and innovative approach of the Reward offered in this campaign. These regulations do not overlap or replace Kickstarter terms and condition, and just provide a deeper specification of our commitment, to make it crystal clear what we will deliver to our backers.

Please remember that you are not buying goods or services, you are supporting our dream and these perks just express you our gratitude.

We are proud to welcome you in our community and we understand that you are providing us with your consent to process your personal data.


Rewards to be home-delivered will be shipped within their stated timeframe.

Some Rewards have a considerable value; they will be shipped by courier under a standard insurance, at your risk and our costs. If you want to pay for a larger insurance please contact us for the proper arrangements.

Choosing “Give a seat your name” you will be allowed to select one of the 100 available seats, on a first come first served basis.

We guarantee that any object (such as piece of scene, sketches, etc.) is true and original.

Wherever we offer to display your name, address and/or image on a theatre curtain, on our hero-page, in the Hall of Fame, on websites or postcards, we understand that selecting your Reward you are thereby granting us permission to do so and to use your personal data, in compliance with any applicable regulations.


After the end of the campaign, you will be contacted and provided with a password in order to download your digital Rewards.

Digital images will be high resolution, state of the art, downloadable files that you can have professionally printed and framed in the style you like at your home.

Any music or video offered in this campaign is exclusive intellectual property of Opera di Firenze, subject to copyright laws.


Any physical experience will take place where stated (i.e. Florence, Italy, or Napa Valley, CA, USA). Rewards do not include any travel or accommodation, so you will have to find yourself there to enjoy the reward. For this reason we offer a wide time-frame to live your experience.

Moreover, experiences will be available only in specific days and times dedicated to OF backers; for this reason, you will be required to book your date and spot in advance, before any other travel booking. Experiences will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.

By the estimated delivery date, you will get instructions for the booking. Please be aware of the following deadlines for enjoying your experiences:
– April 30th, 2017 for the experiences in: Teatro del Sale, Cibrèo, Antinori Barriccaia, Antinori Bottaia, Antinori Napa Valley, Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Corridoio Vasariano, Giardino dei Boboli, Luisi Laboratory;
– December 30th, 2017 for the special experiences in the Opera House (the special rehearsal “Prova all’Italiana” and your live performance) and for the “marriage package”.

Some experiences might require a security clearance or a dress code.


Any one-to-one digital experience will be agreed upon with you, based on availability and time zones, within a reasonable timeframe.

Interactive sessions will take place at your choice through Skype or Google Hangout; for the use of such services, please refer to their applicable terms and conditions.

By the estimated delivery date, you will get instructions for the booking. Experiences will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.