Purpose statement

Opera for everybody!
Opera for everybody, everywhere.

Opera is one of the most ambitious dreams ever created by human fantasy.

A dream born in Florence during the golden age of the Italian Renaissance. Its first moments were in the magnificent Florentine palaces, in the chambers of noble residences, performed for a fortunate few, and supported for by the “patrons of the arts”, the “mecenate”.

Over four centuries, opera flourished in Florence, spread throughout Italy and around the world. Speaking many different languages, opera has embraced new fashions and styles , and has adapted to modern ideas and technology. Its success transformed it from a luxury form of entertainment for a fortunate elite, gradually opening it up to enlightened audiences.

It was Christmas 1931, a by-now historical date, that the Metropolitan Opera House of New York, broadcasting an opera by radio for the first time in history, threw open its doors to the entire population of America, and brought opera into the modern world.

Now opera can go a step further into the future, and speak to everybody.

Opera is art, beauty and harmony. Florence has given much of those to the world. Now it can offer its Theatre, its opera.

For just over a year now, Florence has boasted a splendid new operatic theatre: The Opera di Firenze is one of the world’s most modern theatres.

A theatre which can already count on a glorious story: that of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, which has welcomed the world’s greatest artists, and which, in carrying on the glorious tradition of opera, has always believed in contemporary creativity, ever open to the avant-garde and to innovations in musical language and theatrical genres, thanks also the uniqueness of its festival, one of the oldest and most celebrated in Europe.

Strengthened by its prestigious history, by the value of its musical companies and its skilled collaborators, stimulated by the needs and expectations of the spririt of modernity and the enormous potential of the new Opera di Firenze, the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino has laid the foundations for a new era of artistic splendour.

A unique experience like this can only take place in an exceptional venue. The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino’s home is a magnificent location, where contemporary architecture is combined with innovative technology.

It is here, today, that this glorious opera company is building its future.

It is with these premises that the Opera for everybody project has been created, through which the Opera di Firenze has thrown open its doors, to bring melodrama to the world and introduce it above all to new audiences, bridging geographical and cultural distances, and distances of taste and habit.

It is a very ambitious dream.

It already became a reality in Florence, with the creation of “recitar cantando” (acting through singing) four hundred years ago, when opera was created. And it can happen again today, in Florence, in a more realistic manner.

With the aid of new technology and the enormous potential of the internet, the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino is placing the entire glorious heritage of tradition, excellence and inspiration in everyone’s reach, seeking to become the epicentre of a renaissance of opera, for everybody, worldwide.

This is not a new role for the Opera di Firenze. It was the first European theatre, for example, to offer subtitles during performances, as far back as thirty years ago. It is now a trail-blazer as the first ever opera house in the world to have used the Facebook network for the live broadcasting of a symphony. with a record of over fourty thousand viewers.

Our theatre has opened its doors to a new and diversified audience. An audience which is decidedly more wide-ranging and variegated than in the past: an audience to welcome, accmpany, stimulate and at the same time, to listen to. Only by entering in empathy with its audience a theatre can understand the spirit of the times we live in, the true mission of theatre.

Opera was created for the few, but has always been destined for everybody.

Just like the great art of the Italian Renaissance, opera is a universal language, able to express and translate the most profound and genuine emotions of our time, to speak to men and women from every culture and every country.

Opera – a brilliant creative expression of diverse talents and languages – has always been an extraordinary instrument of union, dialogue and shared knowledge. Opera thus becomes the extraordinary metaphor of a place where prejudices vanish and the possibility of reciprocal openness is exalted, just as in a grand orchestra and a large choir of diverse voices: an on-going opportunity for encounters and astounding harmonies. The world of today needs this so much!

Creative talent knows no limits of latitude and language: the Opera di Firenze seeks to be not only the ideal theatre for all audiences, but also an open and accessible stage for talents from all over the world.

Our opera house is also ready to open its doors to young artists and new creative talents, and Opera for everybody is also an innovative, modern, simple and rapid way to present talent to the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. We sincerely believe and maintain the idea that everybody deserves a chance, and Opera di Firenze will, from now on, be everybody’s stage.

With “Opera for Everybody”, people commit to the project as a precursor of evolutionary change. Our vision is to make opera available on three crucially important fronts:

a) on the digital front, we plan to live-stream every single opera and musical event that we produce, allowing our productions to reach the widest possible international audience.

b) on the production front, we will seek collaborations with great artists from a wide range of genres, pushing the boundaries of what opera can be and what an opera house can host.

c) on the educational/scouting front, we will nurture a new generation of young operatic talents, creative people and performers, opening the doors of the Theatre and offering a wider-ranging audience the chance to attend performances and presentations of artistic projects.

Offering everybody access to opera means providing the Opera di Firenze with the necessary technology in order to guarantee the highest artistic and technical quality in our streaming broadcasts, and the hardware necessary to virtually open our stage to the entire world.

Join the Opera di Firenze and bring opera into the 21st century! Kickstart our revolutionary and ambitious goal, and opera will, in three years time, be accessible to everybody, everywhere.


Opera di Firenze has as its mission the pioneering of the perception of opera worldwide: we want to demonstrate how opera can be traditional and innovative at the same time, both old and young, traditional and fresh, classic and contemporary.

Our blend of traditional and modern puts Opera di Firenze in the unique position of being able to shape the future of opera, guiding and nourishing what ever new forms it may take in the years to come. We do this because we want to ensure that opera continues to exist for future generation as a world-wide heritage.

We believe that opera is not only for the elderly or the rich.

We have faith in musical and artistic creativity as an essential instrument which can guarantee a noble future for generations to come.


Florence is the capital of arts and the birthplace of opera. The city is a unique environment which has seen the emergence and evolution of opera over four centuries.

Today, Florence is the home of one of the newest Opera Houses in the world, the Opera di Firenze. Designed by the architect Paolo Desideri and inaugurated on May 10, 2014, the building represents one of the most ambitious urban projects of recent history.

The project has been designed to offer the best aspects of a first-class musical complex, in a flexible and multi-purpose venue, with an extremely distinctive performance range and the highest levels of excellence for opera and concerts, from chamber to rock.

The new Opera House was created to offer the most innovative technical equipment and a modern and efficient auditorium. The indispensable characteristic of being a part of the international circuit of musical culture for both classical and contemporary performances, in which Italy, and Florence in particular, have historically boasted undisputed supremacy. Every detail of the new Opera House has been designed to offer absolute supremacy: the layout of the auditorium has been designed to offer the best possible acoustics.

Opera di Firence is the permanent home of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra and Choir.

The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino is an Opera company, founded in 1928. In 1933 it made its first ever appearance with a festival – the oldest in Europe along with Bayreuth and Salzburg. Since 1933 it has upheld the values of grand international musical culture. Its cutting edge, innovative styles regarding set and visual elements have contributed to its world-wide success.

It is for this reason that Maggio continues to be a synonym of offer, innovation, internationality and an interdisciplinary vision of music and performance, concerts and exhibitions, opera and seminars, in a world-wide and vibrant culture – and in the city of monuments and museums, enriched with an important past which made Florence the city it is today.

This unique combination allows Opera di Firenze to shape the future of opera, guiding and nourishing what ever new forms it may take in the years to come. We aim to ensure its continuing existence for generations to come, as a global heritage.

With this noble goal in mind, Opera di Firenze is seeking brand new commissions with composers who are capable of opening new horizons to the genre of opera. One example is the very latest opera commissioned by and performed at the Opera di Firenze – Fabio Vacchi’s “Lo specchio magico – the magic mirror” – which is a blend of language, from melodrama to rap, to break-dance, to street and visual arts: all within a unique and contemporary opera, aimed at both traditional and new audiences.

New talents are already being formed and nurtured by the Maggio Fiorentino Academy, the International Centre of Advanced Training of the Opera di Firenze. The Academy was founded with the objective of ensuring the most in-depth and prestigious training for young talents wishing to embrace the arts and crafts of operatic theatre. The courses offer the chance to learn within the productive environment par excellence, allowing the acquisition of all the aspects of the art through apprenticeship.

At the same, in order to reach out to a wider and younger audience, the Opera di Firenze has launched a completely innovative project called #NeverlandOF, a digital and social initiative aimed at Twitter users. Ten bloggers, one for each of the opera premieres, will compete by tweeting thoughts and pictures during the show. Tweet-seats are also part of a broader project linking opera to the world of social media. These seats are located in the first box on the right, in order to not disturb the rest of the audience.


We aim to break down all the walls that can potentially divide, feed prejudice or keep people away from opera and its potential.

We aim to use new technology in order to reach an audience beyond the physical borders of our venue.

We aim, with our productions, to reach the largest and most varied audience that an opera company has ever reached.

We aim to eliminate the concept that opera is exclusively for an elderly audience.

We aim to discover new talent for opera all around the world, for the most far-flung corners of the planet, and offer support: the future of opera is in the hands of the new generation.

The Opera di Firenze that we want is not a place for the elite, but a portal open to the world: this is the opera that we see for our future.

The audience that we seek knows no boundaries.

We dream of an opera for everybody. Everywhere.


The funds raised by Opera di Firenze will allow our message of innovation to be spread across the world, reaching a diverse and international audience.

We will take full advantage of new technology to reach a broad and diversified audience, beyond the physical boundaries of our venue.

Thanks to your support, Opera di Firenze can take advantage of the most up-to-date technology capable of guaranteeing the highest technical and artistic standards for streaming, in terms of lighting equipment and for video recording: With 2 Lighting Keyboards, 1 Remote Processor Lighting Keyboard Unit, 3 3G double-speed multi format HD system cameras, 1 Switcher video sd/hd, 1 Ip live production unit, 1 4K Monitor, 1 XDCAM Deck/IT Server; and audio instrumentation: 18 HI-END microphones, 1 T-Shaped microphone and 1 24TB (6 x 4TB) Thunderbolt 2 RAID System. This technical instrumentation, with the implementation necessary for internet connections, requires a total investment of over 500,000 euro. An initial phase necessary for implementing the “Opera for everybody” project requires 250,000 euro.

Live streaming and new projects will be launched in the short-term with new digital methods, social media and much, much more. We will create our own digital venue, where our audience will be able to attend our performances either live or on demand.

We also transmit our values to emerging musicians, conductors, directors, singers, scenographers, costume designers and actors.

Through an innovative and brand new portal available to all; anyone, from the comfort of their own home, can ‘enter’ the Opera di Firenze to make themselves heard and known: a fantastic virtual stage door: musicians, singers, directors, scenographers… we will be the first theatre in the world to offer this extraordinary possibility to anyone!

Our virtual stage will be created with a digital platform for anyone who wishes to present themselves to the theatre’s artistic direction. The system chosen is based on Open Source software and allows for the creation of a cloud which can be accessed via internet, from any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile Android, iOS), and which allows the access and the sharing of any type of multimedia file.

Opera di Firenze asks you for support in order to obtain the necessary software and hardware. The investment is approximately 50,000 euro.

In three years from today, the Opera di Firenze will be accessible by everybody, everywhere. This Kickstarter campaign is a step towards the realisation of our ambitious dream.

With the raising of the first 300,000 euro, the “Opera for everybody” project will take off and allow anyone – through live streaming – to be able to enjoy the first two extraordinary musical events programmed at the Opera di Firenze: the 2017 New Year’s concert and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as allowing access to our virtual stage.

Modernity and tradition will come together on the stage of the Opera di Firenze on New Year’s Eve: the orchestra and the choir of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino will accompany the crossover superstar Mika, in a unique concert.

The Lord of the Rings as you’ve never seen it before. The soundtracks of the cult movies from the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be performed live during the film by more than 250 musicians, singers and a choir of children (treble voice). A unique, engaging and exciting experience for all!

Opera for everybody is a grand project: so much more than a daydream, but as ground-breaking and visionary as only dreams can be.

The Opera di Firenze can become your stage! Help us make this dream come true, your dream!

By kickstarting us, you will allow us to spread a message of innovation throughout the world, creating a rejuvenated, diverse and international audience of new opera lovers. We are healthy and profitable, the funding is not to deliver the rewards, which are already ready and waiting for you thanks to the help of our wonderful partners; we are asking for your support to develop our project. Make Opera for everybody happen!

Join the Opera di Firenze, together we can make change happen! Contribute to making opera more accessible than ever!


Our rewards are perks and experiences, either digital or physical.

Thanks to our outstanding supporters (Antinori, Ferragamo, Luisi, the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, Uffizi Gallery, Cibrèo and the Florence City Council), you will find not only perks and experiences from the world of music, but also from our wider community and territory.

Many rewards, such as auditions, artistic contributions and webinars, are aimed at actively involving our supporters in our community, no longer as a passive audience but as artists, contributors and potential players.

Other rewards will immerse you in the living essence of our cultural and historical environment, where you will have exclusive opportunities to experience the atmosphere in which opera was born, first-hand.