Infinita tenebra di luce

Adriano Guarnieri

Domenica 03 Giugno 2018 - Venerdì 08 Giugno 2018

Data Location Acquista
Domenica 03 giugno 2018 16:30 Teatro Goldoni Acquista
Martedì 05 giugno 2018 20:00 Teatro Goldoni Acquista
Venerdì 08 giugno 2018 20:00 Teatro Goldoni Acquista

Advance over me, infinite darkness of light”: wrote Rainer Maria Rilke in his collection of lyrics, inspired by the night and its angel, and the love he never found. This is the inspiration for the opera composed by Adriano Guarnieri, which will be debuting at the Teatro Goldoni, directed by Giancarlo Cauteruccio. The composition stages four imaginary faces, poetic visions telling of the inner nature of the human soul, which materialise and then disappear in a dreamlike manner: the vocality flows seamlessly and uninterrupted, in a timing which is not rhythmically identifiable, to present the drama of the human soul.


Infinita tenebra di luce
For voices and ensemble based on Poesie alla Notte by Rainer Maria Rilke
Music by Adriano Guarnieri
World premiere

New production in collaboration with Accademia di Belle Arti

Pietro Borgonovo

Giancarlo Cauteruccio


Fulvio Cauteruccio
Settore I 30€
Settore II 20€